You’ll Be Glad You Did: Choices Matter

"Don't be as concerned about the destination, as what God is doing in you in the journey." Last Sunday, the TRBC college pastor kicked off a new series in the college group titled, "You'll Be Glad You Did." The first message? Simply, choices matter. Every day, every person, everywhere faces choices, some bigger than others. A … Continue reading You’ll Be Glad You Did: Choices Matter

Keeping my New Year’s resolution (January)

A few days ago, I sat down and wrote a new post in my browser, saved it, and when I re-opened it, it had only saved the first line. I got so frustrated I just shut my computer and I am just now revisiting it. Lesson learned. Never trust the Internet. Always type in Microsoft … Continue reading Keeping my New Year’s resolution (January)

Diploma Conferred!

IT'S OFFICIAL! Just received an email from Liberty University , informing me that my Bachelor of Science in Communications Studies: Advertising & PR was officially conferred on January 8, 2014! I am officially a Liberty University alumni! Such a feeling of accomplishment and joy at achieving my dream of graduating college! Thank you to everybody … Continue reading Diploma Conferred!