A diamond in between


The name of my blog, “A diamond in between,” holds significant meaning for me. Just as charcoal must endure high levels of stress to produce a diamond, so too must I endure “trials of various kinds for the testing of my faith produces endurance” (James 1:2-3). It’s a process of refining that is never finished. A diamond is never perfect and neither am I.

As the middle child in my family and the one with an April birthday, I am the diamond in between my older brother, the ruby (July) and my younger sister, the peridot (August). Let me tell you that all the sayings about the pros and cons to the “middle child” label are true… well maybe not all of them..

I’m not the go-get-em first child or the carefree baby, but rather the mediocre middle. I’m somewhere in-between. Though born and raised in Texas, I currently live in Lynchburg, VA attending college at Liberty University. Having graduated with my undergrad in Advertising/Public Relations, I plan to continue with graduate courses in strategic communication from Liberty University Online. In fall of 2011, when my family and I packed up our house and journeyed to Lynchburg, VA, we embarked on another journey, one that can’t be counted in hours or measured in distance, but rather by the scars from battle. This one is a journey of faith. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future. And right now, I’m in-between.

So…Until God opens the next door, I’m gonna praise Him in the hallway.


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