in a nutshell

+ Texas native with an 8 year stint in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of VA

+ Sinner saved by grace

+ 2 siblings – big brother and little sister (+ a bonus sister-in-law)

+ Liberty University alum — B.S. & M.A

+ Passionate about building relationships & a sucker for any good story

+ Lover of books, boots, baked goods, volleyball, sunsets, Netflix marathons, diet dr. pepper, & all things southern

+ Firm believer that laughter is the best medicine



One thought on “in a nutshell

  1. It takes a very humble, beautiful person like you to share your weaknesses and times of darkness when we all like to speak of only our strengths and accomplishments. I feel like God spoke to me by leading me to your words. God is great! Thank you hun.

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