Keeping my New Year’s resolution (January)

A few days ago, I sat down and wrote a new post in my browser, saved it, and when I re-opened it, it had only saved the first line. I got so frustrated I just shut my computer and I am just now revisiting it. Lesson learned. Never trust the Internet. Always type in Microsoft Word and then copy/paste into the browser. I’m a college grad, I should know this.

Anyways…if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right?


Today marks day 30 of my January fast from sweets and soda.  January also saw a transformation in my eating habits, not just abstaining from those two delicacies. I decided to eat healthy and developed a workout routine (again).

2014. A new year means a fresh start. Every year previous, I resolved to eat healthy and lose weight, as most of us do. But of course, I never kept it. But this year, a switch flipped in my brain and I was determined to see this one resolution through. I made it a challenge to myself, a sort of benchmark of my self-control. If I could make it through the entire month of January—30 days—then I could do anything. Maybe a little dramatic, but it worked.

During my two-year undergraduate career at Liberty, I basically lived off of take-out, chocolate and caffeine. I think you can fill in the blanks as to what that means. Point being, it wasn’t good. I’m pretty sure I gained the stereotypical “freshman 15” just in my final senior semester due to the unbearable stress, sleepless nights, and packed schedule.

Starting January 1 to today, January 30, 2014, I have lost 15 lbs and dropped ONE dress size! I still have a little more to lose, but the results definitely continue to motivate me.

They say that it takes six weeks to form a new habit, so if I just keep this up for two more weeks, it should become a habit. And I can tell it already has. I am not going to continue to cut out sweets and soda completely, but they definitely will become a “treat” again, and not a normal part of my diet. I chose January as the no-sweets, no-soda month to cleanse my body and recalibrate it after the holidays. Come Saturday, I get to have my first sip of caffeine and first bite of chocolate since the holidays. Hallelujah! The craving for both has intensified the closer I get to reaching my goal. I always thought it would be the opposite…guess not.

And this isn’t just “my” thing. My family has committed to healthy living as well. We are all preparing for a run/walk 5k in April, Lord and weather willing. And when I say that we are drinking LOTS of water, I’m not kidding!

It has been an adventure, that’s for sure! One month down, 11 more to go! So here’s to fresh starts, new adventures and healthy living in 2014!


One thought on “Keeping my New Year’s resolution (January)

  1. Hi! I like your resolutions! I did something similar last year and of course at times I just forgot about it when I was too busy focusing on other things but when I look back, overall, it was a successful year on the healthy eating side and I can confirm that you can totally change your habits. This year I decided to have 12 resolutions, to make it a bit more fun. And so far so good :-). Good luck to you! Alix

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