The two words that we all want to hear.

Have you been through the wringer and been left spiritually dry? Has the chaos of life drained you of all your emotional reserves? Have you become immune to the amazing grace and undeserved mercy displayed at Calvary? Have the awe of the Resurrection and the majesty of Christ faded away?  If so, you’re not alone. Me too. 🙋‍♀️


This is hard for me…

When something seemingly “perfect” crosses my path, be it a perfect job, a perfect guy, a perfect opportunity, a perfect situation, I eagerly place all my “eggs” in that basket: my hope, my happiness, and my heart. The three H’s. The problem with that? When that “perfect” is no longer mine, when it is snatched out of my control, I lose it. My hope vanishes, my happiness fades, and my heart aches. I literally become an emotional wreck. The tears flow freely and the thoughts run rampant.